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Horses Injured in Another Facility

that were Brought to Us for Help


These horses were injured in another facility and then brought to us for help.





Day 1 -- We aren't quite sure what happened to his neck, but we're sure it had something to do with a T-post.  He came to us with a huge laceration on his neck.
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Day 7 -- Looking Much Better!


Several months later, he still looks great.  We can't even tell where the injured area was.





He injured his eye somehow.  After washing it, a layer of sutures and some staples made him good as new!




"No Name"


This horse had gone through a chain link gate and sliced his shoulder open on the gate latch.  Several layers of sutures and LOTS of antibiotics and he healed up GREAT! The owner says he can't even see a mark where the wound was!






She had injured her left rear hoof somehow.  The first thing we had to do was get the wound clean and try to cut away the broken hoof so it would not snag on anything.  The next step was to soak it and make sure that all the dirt and manure was out of the wound.  When I started digging around I realized that it went all the way under the frog and included the entire left side of her hoof.  I was worried that it would involve the bone so we started major antibiotics immediately.  Later we soaked gauze with Iodine and created a wedge to help support some of the weight on that hoof.  She is doing well and we will keep adding to this as things progress.


It took about 7 months but she did grow a completely new hoof.  She is sound on it and there is no
evidence of an injury!  That was WORK!






We saw him at the sale barn and his hoof was nearly cut off!  The kids insisted that we get
him and try to help him out --- so we did.  After a few weeks of wound care, antibiotics, and some hoof care he is bouncing around the pasture like nothing ever happened!




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